What to study?

What to study?


What to study- IT experts are in high demand on the labour markets

 According to the official records from Employment Bureaus in BiH analysed and presented by Anadolu Agency, the least in demand and at the same time the most numerous higher education professionals in the Employment Bureaus are Bachelors of Ecconomy, Law and classteachers. Professions in the highest demand are medical specialists, mechanical engineers and electronic engineers ( in computing and other fields). IT experts, that is, those that work in the field of information and communications are among the highest paid in BiH. It is important to highlight that this profession is in high demand. As the newspaper " Dnevni Avaz" reports, based on Federal Office of Statistics and Posao.ba portal it is predicted that among top three professions to be highest in demand in 2014 are: engineers of computing, electronic engineers and mechanical engineers.

Based on the number of published ads, the professions in the highest demand in our country are IT engineers, electronic engineers, construction engineers, Bachelors of Pharmacy, tailors, contractors, welders, etc., as reported by Buka portal.

According to the data from December, 2012 from Tuzla Canton Employment Bureau there is roughly over 900 Bachelors of Economy belonging to different profiles, while currently this faculty is attended by couple of hundreds students. Similar situation is with Bachelors of Law, with hundreds of them being registered in the Employment Bureau. Both of them are trying for years to find employment. There is enough teaching staff in Tuzla Canton for the next ten years and there will be almost no need for new one. It is interesting that there are no engineers of informatics, and other professions from technical departments. Tuzla Canton currently has no capacities to employ all professions that are superfluous such as: Bachelors of Economy, Law, defectologists, teachers, etc. According to Employment Bureau records in Tuzla, February 2014, there in not one engineer of informatics listed and when it comes to similar professions there are only ten computing engineers.

According to Brcko District of BiH Employment Bureau from May 2013, the Employment Bureau has 334 registered Bachelors of Economy. The register has not one medical doctor and the fewest number of employed are Physics and Math professors, MA's of Pharmacy, geodesy engineers and informatics engineers.

„At Croatian Employment Bureau there are 800 unemployed registered every day. At the same time IT industry craves labour  force. Apart from the fact that they don't have to wait for employment one day, the salaries are considerably high. Thanks to modern communications their jobs know no limits. Croatia annually exports more than one billion kunas worth in IT services.“ (Source: http://dnevnik.hr/vijesti/hrvatska/it-sektor-oni-ne-cekaju-na-posao-a-place-su-im-izdasne---308770.html).  

“ Based on employers' reports on vacancies Serbian National Employment office registry shows that they are in need of pediatricians, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, pharmacists and IT experts. These jobs require university degree and people don't wait long to get them.” (Source: http://gdeinvestirati.com/edukacija-i-karijera-154/aktuelnosti/17975-ovo-su-najtrazenija-zanimanja-u-srbiji#)

According to BITKOM records(German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media) only in Germany at this moment there are almost 43,000 vacancies for position in IT sector and the number of employed in this field has been soaring rapidly for a couple of years in a row.Therefore, following the example of American Green cards, EU Blue Card Institute was established. The cards are issued in a short period of time to the high qualified people from non-EU countries. The highest demand is for certified IT professionals, those belonging to programming/software field in particular, as well as IT consultants, IT sales solution support consultants, system and network administrators, project managers and computer system security experts. 

European Commission expects that in two years' time the number of demand for IT experts will increase by 30 percent in relation to the previous year, which will cause shortage of 900,000 ICT experts in EU.

These are just just some of the reasons why future students should seriously consider studying one of the innovative ICT study programmes offered at College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA: Bussiness Informatics and Engineering Informatics.  

Study programme Business Informatics at College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA is the only business informatics programme in BiH which offers students a dual diploma upon graduation; a diploma issued by the licensed BiH higher education institution (eMPIRICA College) and a diploma issued by the accredited EU higher education institution Ljubljana School of Business, in accordance with the approval of  the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education- NAKVIS.

Study programme Engineering Informatics at eMPIRICA College  is the only engineering informatics programme in BiH which enables students to attend Cisco Networking Academy in the course of their regular studies through four selected courses, all free of charge. The classes at the mentioned courses are held according to the international Cisco programme, using ubiquitous educational resources and original Cisco equipment. 

Therefore, eMPIRICA College hereby urges all interested prospective students to make the right decision which will seal their professional and financial future by choosing a programme study that offers modern knowledge and usable skills in the field that is in high demand on the labour markets in the world and here.

To see the competition for enrollment of students in the first academic year 2014/2015 click HERE.


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