Our Mission

Keeping pace with the world’s modern standards, legislation and academic framework College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA will conduct study programmes with respect to the Bologna reform, adhering to the top European and world standards, academic principles and high moral values, producing highly marketable labour force of young IT experts capable of making an impact on the development of their environment.

Vocational study principle at the institution of higher education is to ensure a high-quality teaching material to future experts who will in their everyday work, based on the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills acquired in the course of their studies, apply their knowledge and competence to create an added value. The specificity of the IT study is the level of practical and applied knowledge necessary for everyday work. Upon graduating from College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA, graduates will be able to immediately take on important tasks and be directly involved in all working processes.

Studying while working is one of the greatest advantages of distance learning because it enables independence and, therefore, the possibility to perform tasks and be part of the education process without difficulties, which provides an opportunity to acquire a higher education degree to those who cannot study the traditional way due to work responsibilities.

The dual diploma enables graduates of College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA to gain employment in the regional countries as well as those of the EU, which boosts this institution of higher education with an important strategic advantage.

The concept of studying where students gain knowledge necessary for acquirement of industrially acknowledged certificates gives this institution an additional advantage.

Why to Choose to Study at eMPIRICA

College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA in Brcko District BiH offers truly unique study programmes in BiH and high quality access to educational process, which puts students' demands and needs in focus.

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Top 10

Ten reasons why to study at College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA

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Dual Diploma-Transnational Study Programme

eMPIRICA College and Ljubljana School of Business received in September 2012 from the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education NAKVIS (www.nakvis.si) authorisation to conduct transnational Business Informatics studies and issue BIH-SLO diplomas.

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Price List- Tuition that Covers all Studies Expenses

Dear students, so as to make your studies more financially affordable, keeping a high level of quality we have devised a scholarship that covers all your expenses during the studies.

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Recognition of Exams and Industry Certificates

We believe that many of you partly received education at other higher education institutions. We recognise your every knowledge which is connected to out study programme.

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Certiport Testing Centre

In November 2012, College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA became Certiport testing centre.

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Local Cisco Networking Academy VS eMPIRICA

Local Cisco Networking Academy eMPIRICA

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YouTube Channel

eMPIRICA Photo Album

Moments captured at eMPIRICA through a camera

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